How it started…

Wellocks have always delivered fresh food to the hospitality sector. When coronavirus closed pubs and restaurants the demand for fresh-food from their B2B customers decreased.

They decided to pivot the business from the B2B exclusively to include B2C. Within 2 days Wellocks created and launched a new business, Wellocks at Home. They partnered with their existing customers, pubs and restaurants, who received deliveries on behalf of their local communities and then distributed food to the consumers.

There was one problem…their new market didn’t know this service was available to them.

Wellocks contacted us to create a short, engaging video that explained their new offering.

The combination of the partnership with existing customers, an unrivaled service offer, and a short, engaging video made for highly shareable content.

The video now has over 105,00 views and their new business has over 33 collection points for people to collect food from local pubs and restaurants.

Wellocks at Home – Digital Display of Video

The partnership…

We knew Wellocks very well, we’ve been working together for 4 years. We had created engaging videos that tell their story about how they source high-quality ingredients to deliver to the hospitality sector. 

Wellocks at Home needed a new video that could be used across various social media platforms. The video needed to be engaging, exciting, and inspiring. It needed to explain the new brand and the service they were offering to a customer base who may not have heard of them.

Not only that, but they also needed it fast. Wellocks at Home was set to launch in 2 days.

The plan of action…


We organised a call with Wellocks to discuss their new venture.

With social distancing regulations in place, we had to work in a way that protected all involved. 

We filmed a delivery to a local restaurant and Wellocks sent us a food box, so we could film and photograph produce from our own studio. 

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Wellocks we had archived footage. We reworked existing content to show the service in action. Clips of the vans on the road and the delivery drivers were all taken from previous footage. 

Video activation

Wellocks at Home already had an engaged social media account. We re-versioned the video so that it worked across several digital platforms – the website, YouTube, and social media. 

This highly shareable content was viewed over 105,00 times and shared by influential accounts like chef and TV presenter, James Martin. 

The video was shared on Twitter by influential accounts.

The results are in

  • 105,000 video views (and counting…)
  • Over 10% clickthrough
  • Delivery within 25 miles of Wellocks hubs
  • 33 collection points nationwide


“We created a new business in 2 days and needed a professional video creating to back this new initiative, the JAKINB team helped get this turned around really swiftly and created a promotional video to release onto various outlets. Behind the scenes JAKINB has a great relationship with us and really understands our brand”
Dan Whitmore – Head of Business Development

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Wellocks at Home is a great example of how we can work flexibly, deliver high-quality videos at short notice and how archived footage can be used to produce new videos with a new and compelling message.

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